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Our Story

Dedication and Service

The Fancy Pearl and Harry Jr. Foundation, Inc. was established in 2023 as a 501c3 organization in honor of our beloved parents, Harry Wilkins Jr, and Madame Frances Cash-Ugwuegbu. Our primary objective is to provide expert assistance, mentorship, and comprehensive support to those in dire need.

"By extending a compassionate touch, FPHJF aspires to serve as a wellspring of provisions through benevolent contributions to the deserving".

A Veteran of the United States Army, Grandpa Harry endearingly known for his gregarious nature, possessed a benevolent spirit and an unwavering commitment to his loved ones and even strangers. He spared no expense in taking care of his family and would go above and beyond for anyone in need.

"Fancy", as affectionately called by her precious grandchildren, was characterized by her boundless love and magnanimity. She expertly managed a transportation and food ministry to aid the homeless, crafting not only nutritious meals but also delectable treats, such as intricately-designed cakes. Her generosity knew no bounds, extending to strangers, friends, and kin alike.

Both Grandpa Harry and "Fancy" were deeply rooted in their Christian faith, which held a central place in their lives. Meditating on relevant scriptures, we find guidance in Luke 3:11, which reminds us to "share our abundance, providing clothing for those without and sharing our food with the hungry."

Recognizing the fundamental importance of food for sustenance and survival, we possess firsthand knowledge of the profound impact natural disasters can have on a community, having experienced this ourselves during the devastating wildfires that struck Lahaina, Hawaii in August 2023. With unwavering dedication, our foundation aims to ensure the provision of essential, life-sustaining resources such as food, dry goods, and emergency aid through charitable contributions, particularly during times of crises. Guided by our core principles of kindness and empathy, we believe that assisting one another and empowering communities stand as paramount responsibilities.

We invite you to join our noble cause, as we endeavor to create a better world for all.


Get to Know the Faces behind Fancy Pearl & Harry Jr. Foundation

Paul Sr

Paul Wilkins

Vice President/Co-Founder

Ngozi Wilkins

Dr. Ngozidilenna Wilkins


Paul Wilkins II

Paul Wilkins II

Board of Directors

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